Ab Inbev / SAB Nigeria BOSS Project


We were tasked to help drive Castle Lite Draught into Nigeria. Draught beer is an unfamiliar pack in this market for both consumers and outlets, therefore we developed an educational campaign called The BOSS Project.

BOSS stands for Barman of Significant Skill and Bar of Significant Standard. The purpose of this project was to familiarise and educate bar owners and staff with Castle Lite Draught and the draught system. All elements were developed to maximise engagement and education to ensure the consumer enjoyed a consistently high quality Castle Lite Draught experience.

The basis of the education was The Ritual. This consists of four steps that were illustrated through an ATL photographic shoot.

The educational material was delivered to outlets through a BOSS Education Station, consisting of all the information printed on a specially designed ‘flower petal’ box, and bespoke headphone stand with headphones.

Participants were driven onto a mobile website via their phones where they could plug in the headphones and listen to the BOSS rap, created to educate and excite.

The education was enforced through an incentive programme that created competition amongst staff and bars.

This was created working at The Greenhouse Advertising Agency.