About Me

Digital Art Director based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We work in a time where integration means everything. No brief is as simple as it may appear at first, because ultimately, nothing is. I always strive to provide a solution beyond a simple business card, or ATL campaign – while ensuring every element is consistent and uniquely suited to the particulars of each brand I work on. There are no short-cuts: what works for one brand won’t necessarily work for another. Don’t just think digital. Don’t just think analogue. This is the central ethos of everything I do.

I am hardworking and conscientious, and I aim to develop my skills each and every day; always excited to learn something new. I have a broad-ranging skill set, which I believe to be absolutely indispensable in advertising today. In order to create an ATL campaign that runs smoothly into digital, one must have a grasp of what capabilities there are in digital, and vice versa. My skills include concept creation, ATL, BTL, TTL, and digital, including CSS, WordPress, Social Media, and online advertising.

I am a team player, and I love a challenge.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions – just head on over to my contact page to do so, and browse my work.