Law For All TVC



We were briefed by Law for All to create an integrated through-the-line campaign that would dramatically increase their brand awareness in the legal insurance category. Instead of using the well-worn path of fear, which many other brands in this category use, we decided to position Law for All as caring experts who understand the emotions one goes through when faced with legal troubles. By showing Law for All’s empathy rather than their willingness to fight, we were not only separating them from competitor brands we were highlighting their pursuit of mediation as a primary solution.

To bring this to life we created a television commercial using animation, to stand out from other television content, and rhyme to make it friendly and memorable. We developed a character that personified the feeling one gets when faced with legal issues, and then juxtaposed this scary character with a light hearted voiceover rhythm. This all came together to create an advert that successfully sets our client apart from the competition and offers viewers a rewarding experience. The animation was done by the AM I Collective studio.

To support the television commercial we developed, for our client Law for All, we created news clocks. These clocks are placed at the beginning of the news and act as a ten second countdown to the start of the broadcast.

This was created working at The Greenhouse Advertising Agency.