126 Cape Kitchen Fun Dining

126 Cape Kitchen & Café came to The Greenhouse with a logo and a concept for a restaurant that had something new to offer in Cape Town.

The chefs at 126 Cape Kitchen and Café play with flavours and fusions, bringing consumers a fine dining experience that’s interesting fun and engaging. It’s fine dining with a twist… and we called it Fun Dining.

The restaurant wanted to celebrate everything local, and the interiors used netting for the seas, Zulu symbols that told a story, and a pattern on their screens that had an African origin. Using these as inspiration, a colour palette, look and feel and elements were developed.

This was created working at The Greenhouse Advertising Agency.

The 126 Cape Kitchen & Café needed a website that showcased the beautiful tea and dishes on offer and bought across the concept of Fun Dining.

An interactive website was created that utilised parallax for the some great effects to showcase the fusion of flavours going into a dish. Here are a few pages that were created.

Photographs of the menu items to showcase the interesting flavours in their dishes were needed to make the dishes shine.

A full CI had to be created, including restaurant paraphernalia.