4th STREET Augmented Reality (AR) Experience

During COVID-19, 4th STREET wines wanted to add awesome to their consumers’ lives. Cue an AR experience that consumers could interact with from the comfort of their own homes. The 360° world was made up of a dance tutorial led by a local dance influencer, an interactive photo booth, and some dope art from street artist Damn Vandal. Consumers were encouraged to learn the dance and interact with the artworks for a chance to win.

We also used this campaign to launch our first set of stickers on Instagram.

This was created working at singh&sons.
Copywriter: Amy Thompson

Social Posts

The Experience (in a nutshell)

Some entries

Overall, engagement was great, with some entries of the photobooth on all social platforms, reels of dances created, and high usage of the gifs. Below are some snaps of our consumers enjoying the photobooth.