NutriBullet Power Blend Social Campaign

NutriBullet had developed a superfood powder that could power up any drink and they wanted consumers to know about it.

We chose to show how NutriBullet Power Blend was not only good for the consumer with its antioxidant and nutrient-rich superfoods, but it was also good for the environment by being non-GMO and vegan-friendly – making it a super good superfood.

This was created working at singh&sons.
Copywriter: Amy Thompson

Digital Banners

Facebook Post

Instagram Post

Alternative Campaign Concept:

As an additional route we tapped in the power of the human mind, which can process information in a split second and urge the body to achieve amazing things. We wanted to create a series of interactive social posts to show how NutriBullet’s Power Blend powders are packed with energy boosting nutrients to help your body to match your mind.

Note: this was concept only.

Interactive social story: users would tap the image in order to move to the next frame. As they tap, the image will appear to be moving so that the woman starts running. The faster they tap, the faster she appears to run.