Olive Grove Photography & Styling

Diversifying your offerings to the public is tricky, especially during a pandemic. This is exactly what Durbanville Hills Wines attempted to do by opening their Olive Grove Deli in August 2020. With open spaces, a garden area, and delicious deli food items, this was seen as a Covid-safe way to support the brand home and local artisans.

Due to safety concerns, the Deli shoot to support the opening was with a skeleton staff –a photographer, her assistant, and an additional videographer/photographer from the agency. I stepped in as both art director and stylist for the day, working with both food and prop styling.

We worked from a shot list, but also improvised on the day to get additional shots and engaging footage for social and PR.

This was created while working at singh&sons.

Part of the brief was to shoot a lunch special. This was for the Tangram Restaurant and required a different look and feel to the Deli shoot.