SAB Draught 2016 Business of Beer

We were tasked to create a theme for the 2016 Draught Quality League and design welcome packs for bars to introduce them to the start of the new league. The theme was an evolution from education, and became business orientated. The league is designed to be a B2B relationship, and so the Business of Beer was conceived.

Created at The Greenhouse Advertising Agency.
Copywriter: Christopher Commerford

To accompany the Business of Beer, we needed to talk to both customers and consumers on digital platforms. Newsletters and social media campaigns were created to educate both barmen and consumers and as drives to win by participating.

Alongside this, barmen were SMSed educational tips and had troubleshooting at their fingertips with USSD, which proved highly successful. USSD allowed for barmen with any type of phone to access troubleshooting at no cost to them at any time. It was used often and reduced call-outs considerably.

In-trade collateral was created as well to accompany the Business of Beer. These worked as advertisements for the League, educating consumers on what to expect and accept from a bar. These also encouraged consumers to take part on social media, effectively expanding our reach.