SATRIX Global Funds Campaign

In 2020 a global pandemic hit. At a time when everything was uncertain, SATRIX briefed us to create a social campaign to encourage investing in their global portfolio. The campaign required Facebook and Instagram posts as well as strategically placed digital banners.

Please note: This was concept work only.

This was created while working at singh&sons.
Copywriter: Amy Thompson

Route 1:


To showcase that a changing world calls for a change in they way we invest, we focused on megatrends and how a potential global problem could have a positive solution and create an investment opportunity in future-focused sectors around the world.
Route 2: (Alternative Articulation)


The world is changing, invest now for the future reality. Megatrends tell us which industries (like robotics, healthcare and technology) are likely to be the biggest growth areas of the future. Shouldn’t you have investments in the global markets that lead these industries?
In other words…

Benefit from a changing world with Satrix global funds.