Start Investing Campaign

We were briefed by a bank to shift the mindset of investing and create more young investors. Investing always seems like a scary, unapproachable idea, but in reality, what is required from the investor is as simple as saving.

When you choose to invest you’re choosing to earn. If you want to really put your money to work you need to stop saving and start investing. So what separates a saver from an investor? Savers settle for less. Investors put their money to work.

We went forward with two routes. Please note neither went live.
This was created while working at Leo Burnett Radar
Copywriter: Christopher Commerford

Route 1

Saving is safe. Saving is the old advice we received growing up. Saving is the quickest way to deliver low returns. When you choose to save you’re choosing to settle for less. Because investing is also safe and it’s also trustworthy. But it’s the smart way to get more from your money.

Route 2

Saving is old news. It worked for our parents, but it’s not good enough for us. It’s no longer enough to just hide your money under your mattress. You need to see your money differently and think like an investor.